New Album Review: P.U.N.C.S (Person Under New Construction)

FRONT ALBUM COVERP.U.N.C.S is an acronym that stands for Person Under New Construction.  There is definitely a new sound in the world of Christian Rap… This artist boast of the transformation that God has made in her life through Jesus Christ.  Each song is distinct and powerful.  As a female christian rap artist she does not need to take a backseat to her male counter parts like Lacrae, Bizzle and MouthPi3ce because her content and flow demands respect.  Her message of course is the focus of her artistry which invites the listener to experience the power of change through a committed life with Christ.  Songs like Queen and Lovely Unique addresses issues the women can relate to and are sure to inspire them.  Other songs such as Get Over, Be Holy, Religion and Live Long are universal anthems that most people can relate to.  The production quality of this album is potent and high quality.  I recommend this album to you if you are considering purchasing new music.

Below is the link to purchase the download on iTunes