Music Review: Exodus Movement “6 Ways to Survive the Trap” #PlatinumSouls.Com


Exodus Movement is a christian rap ministry blazing their path from the hard streets of Oklahoma City. Their latest project 6-Ways to Survive the Trap is destined to be classic. Each track is unique with an authentic street sounds but the message is undeniably Christ Centered. This team of christian rap lyricist unite once again to shed light on the deceptions about street life and revealing Jesus Christ as the true answer for spiritual freedom. These guys relate to the struggle of inner-city youth and their music makes all the necessary connections to draw the listeners in so they can receive the gospel. The production selection on this project is definitely grade-A trap beats mix with soulful samples and a little boom-bap. 6-Ways to Survive the Trap is definitely a must have project. It is scheduled to be released on December 16th 2014 on iTunes (copy link below).

Reviewed by: PlatinumSouls.Com